Coaching Your Creative Life

Kianga Ford

3 Paths to Desire

All roads lead back to you.
Desire-based Coaching
Learn Orgasmic Meditation
Relationship Research
The truth is that it all starts with knowing what you desire. Both the micro-moment impulses for the perfect cashew ice cream and the deeper desires to make an impact in the world. My coaching focuses on strategies to pay generative attention to what you really want. There is plenty of homework and ways to make measurable progress toward your goals.
Connecting to your conscious sexuality is one way to connect to your desire. I teach a 15-minute partnered stroking practice called Orgasmic Meditation. I would be happy to tell you more about it!

t's funny how our relationships have the power to teach us both about our desires and our habits. Relationship Research is a guided exploration of your real-life realtionships for a period of time. Spend 30 days in a learning marriage. Enter an experiment-filled relationship bootcamp with your business partner. Or practice your first date skills. The durations and configurations are as endless as the relationships you have.
I'm an artist and university professor turned deisre coach, life gamer, and orgasmic meditation trainer. I'll use everything in my arsenal to help you find your desire and to live the most creative and expressed life possible. I believe that desire is a path to purpose (finding your core gifts) and that vision (honing ways to apply those gifts and impulses to feel most fulfilled in your life...and possibly to save the world) is the bounty of play and exploration.  So be in touch to begin your journey into you. Along the way, we'll have plenty of fun!